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We love music. We love that beautiful, chaotic chorus that music and culture make when they collide, forming harmonic niches of like-minded people. But most of all, we love the music we love – the music that speaks to our culture and place in the world.

We don’t need 30 million tracks to choose from. We want OUR music, curated for us. What we want is streamed music for our niche, available anywhere, anytime.

So that is exactly what we have built. Niche music streaming services for the music we, and you, love.

To make this all possible, we are backed by seasoned investors and an expert advisory board, and our platform is powered by world class technology. As a proof of concept, our team built the first niche music streaming service in Africa. Called Liedjie – Afrikaans for “song” – it features music and curated playlists from South Africa’s favourite Afrikaans artists. With over seven million native Afrikaans speakers and countless festivals, events, TV channels, radio stations and print and online media dedicated to this community, it makes sense to offer fans a home for the music they love.

Why? Because we believe it’s time to:

  • Make music streaming profitable
  • Better the one-size-fits-all music streaming service model. More engaged users per channel, more users collectively.
  • Capitalize on the burgeoning emerging markets where the giants of the streaming music business fear to tread.
  • Prove that niche ≠ small, but can actually drive huge value.
  • Build a digital music service that can operate on a B2B model. (Watch this space.)
  • Build mobile first.
  • Focus on the power of data
  • Empower rights holders and artists to earn more $$$

NicheStreem is a proud finalist of the FNB Business Innovation awards 2016

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LiedjieWoord en HeuwelsThere is no mistaking Metalheads and the influence metal music has on their cultural identity, where and how they spend their time and money and which brands they identify with.

The same holds true for lesser known niches such as “Highlife” (Afro-pop), the 85 million Christians in Nigeria who listen to “Naija gospel” or the millions of fans dedicated to Afrikaans music who are responsible for the highest number of music downloads across some of Africa’s largest mobile networks.

NicheStreem is building dedicated web and mobile interfaces for the niches where music and culture are intrinsically linked, starting with Liedjie.

The audiences we target are unique and therefore our approach is too. From our marketing strategy to the curation of our playlists, each stream will focus on a clearly defined market. Best of all, artists and bands will no longer have to compete with millions of tracks across hundreds of genres. Our streaming apps aim to drive increased engagement and exposure for content, better marketing opportunities for artists and ultimately, more fans. It’s a win-win for all.



Are you tired of getting lost in and amongst 30 million tracks? Our first stream, Liedjie, features only South African artists – artists who speak to the Afrikaans market, who capture the hearts and minds of Afrikaans music fans.

If you would like to have your music showcased on Liedjie, and if you value the opportunity to collaborate with us; to grow and expand the local music industry; to launch targeted joint marketing campaigns and understand your audience and their needs better; drop us a line on

And if you have a suggestion for other niches we should consider, don’t be afraid to share. You can reach us on



Want to give it up for music and a free electric band? If you code/design/write/analyze/test/curate/live the brand/all of the above and more, mail us your CV now.

WARNING: we seek passion, fire, a die hard work ethic, a burning desire to build epic sh*t and a deep understanding of people. Someone with empathy, guts, an open mind and a drive to innovate. You must love working in a startup environment and above all you must be brave. Because at NicheStreem we believe you should do at least one thing a day that scares you.




Building a music streaming service is no mean feat. Lucky for us, we have an A-grade team that has executed an A-grade idea and we’re backed by seasoned investors. We have also gone to great lengths to appoint an expert advisory board of industry greats who ensure we never get seduced by our own story.

So if you like our thinking, love music and technology, and you are interested in investing in us, you can reach us on



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